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Video: Ghazala Hashmi Releases Second Ad About Health Care


From the Ghazala Hashmi for State Senate campaign:


RICHMOND, VA – Today, Ghazala Hashmi’s senate campaign released a second TV advertisement focused on the issue of health care: Families https://youtu.be/kBjGip01_0E

“Ensuring that all families in Virginia have access to quality, affordable health care is personal to Ghazala and that’s why she’s choosing to make health care a central theme of her campaign,” said campaign manager Philip Stein. “Ghazala will stand up to Republicans, like Senator Sturtevant, who want to take health care away from hundreds of thousands of Virginians, because she knows that health care is a right, not a privilege.” Below is a transcript of the ad:

“Like too many families in Virginia, our family has fought deadly diseases like cancer and we know getting sick can make you poor. I’m Ghazala Hashmi and as state Senator I’ll work to make health care affordable for all and protect Medicaid coverage for 400,000 Virginians no matter how many times Republicans try to take it away, because our families are worth fighting for.”

Ghazala Hashmi immigrated to the United States from India 50 years ago, and she has lived in the 10th district for nearly 30 years. Hashmi wants to bring her diverse background, fresh ideas, and extensive experience to the Capitol, because as an educator of 25 years she understands the struggles that so many people in her district and across the Commonwealth face as they try to get ahead in life. Ghazala is focused on standing up for quality public education, affordable health care, and common-sense measures to reduce gun violence. The 10th district is the best pick up opportunity Virginia Democrats have in the Senate this year and thus their strongest chance to win back control of the chamber. For more information please visit www.ghazalahashmi.com


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