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Video: Watch These Two Interviews, and There’s Absolutely No Comparison – Vote Kenny Boddye for PW County Supervisor on 11/5!


If you are a voter in Prince William County’s Occoquan District, you have a consequential choice to make this coming Tuesday regarding who will represent you for the next four years on the Board of County Supervisors:

1) the Republican incumbent, Ruth Anderson, who has no ideas to move the district or the county forward or to deal with the county’s challenges,, and simply mouths conservative platitudes about us being a “capitalist society,” about the importance of pulling yourself up by your proverbial bootstraps, etc.; or

2) the Democratic challenger, Kenny Boddye, who has enormous energy, empathy, command of the policy details, and both passion and good ideas for making the Occoquan District and Prince William County better places for everyone in this diverse community.

As a quick, side-by-side comparison of Anderson and Boddye, check out the following two interviews with “The House, Inc.’s MIC DROP, a youth get-out-the-vote dialogue podcast targeting the political and social issues teens find most important.” I truly believe that if everyone in the Occoquan district watched these two interviews, the vast majority would vote for Kenny Boddye. But see for yourself and decide what you think…

P.S. Also, consider that Anderson’s been there for four years, on a Republican-dominated Board led by Trump-loving, neo-Confederate Corey Stewart, and has accomplished…uh…???

THE MIC DROP | Q & D | with Ruth Anderson (R): Occoquan District Supervisor, Prince William Board of County Supervisors from The House, Inc. on Vimeo.

THE MIC DROP | Q & D | with Kenny Boddye (D): Candidate, Prince William Board of County Supervisors, Occoquan District from The House, Inc. on Vimeo.


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