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“Flanked” by Dominion’s CEO and Right-Wing Republican Kirk Cox, Gov. Northam Says He Does NOT Support Repealing Virginia’s Anti-Union “Right-to-Work” Laws


This story (also see the tweets, below) epitomizes so much that’s wrong with revolving-door, pay-to-play, corporate-power “Virginia Way.”

First of all, why would the Democratic governor, whose party just won majorities in the Virginia House of Delegates and State Senate, ever be “flanked” by Dominion’s CEO (and, to boot, Republicans like soon-to-be-former Speaker Kirk Cox and soon-to-be-former Del. Chris Jones)? And why would a Democratic governor go on and on about being the “best state for business” without also talking about being the best state for WORKERS and the best state for clean energy and environmental protection? Finally, why would a Democratic governor flat-out oppose repealing anti-worker, anti-union, Orwellian “right-to-work” laws? Wasn’t a big part of the Democratic “base” that just won the 2019 elections, and that helped that Democratic governor win a landslide victory in 2017, working people and union members? What am I missing here?

P.S. Oh yeah, and why on earth would as Democratic governor “frame” it that repealing so-called “right-to-work” would in any way hurt Virginia’s AAA bond rating or being the “best state for business?” Does Northam actually believe that being super corporate-friendly is more important than moving Virginia up from DEAD LAST in the country for workers?!?

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