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Oxfam America’s Labor Day 2019 Rankings: Virginia DEAD LAST – #51 in the Country – for Workers, Behind Alabama and Mississippi


Notice how we always hear Virginia politicians boasting about how we are the “best state to do business?” At the same time, notice how we almost *never* hear them talk about the flip side, that Virginia is absolutely godawful when it comes to workers? Evidence? On this Labor Day Weekend 2019, check out Oxfam America’s new, “2019 ranking and interactive map of state labor laws and worker protections,” which finds that “the District of Columbia and California top the list, while Virginia and Mississippi come in last.” Sadly, this report marks no change from last year, when Oxfam also ranked Virginia #51, below Alabama and Mississippi when it comes to workers. And yes, this *is* the result of Republican (mis)governance, something we absolutely can and *must* change on November 5, 2019. Just imagine, next Labor Day, maybe we can get Virginia up to the middle of the pack in these worker ratings – at least?


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