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Audio: Dem Political Consultant Ben Tribbett Predicts 2020 Nominee Will NOT Come From Current Field of Candidates

Also comments on VA GOP possibly going with "Never Trumper"; on "Gun Sanctuary" counties; and on House of Delegates committee assignments


On yesterday’s John Fredericks Show (aka, Trumpster radio), Virginia Democratic political consultant Ben “Not Larry Sabato” Tribbett had a bunch of interesting things to say, including about:

  • The Republican Party of Virginia possibly going with a “Never Trumper” (Shaun Kenney) as its new executive director. According to Ben Tribbett, if the VA GOP did this, it will be a “national story that the Republican Party is now turning to people who don’t support [Trump] right before his reelection campaign…”
  • “Gun sanctuary” counties – Ben said “it’s not a violation of the 2nd Amendment to have reasonable gun safety laws…the idea that just because something was legal at one time it has to be legal forever to own that particular type of weapon is assinine, it’s not true, that’s up to the policy makers…This is becoming an increasing problem; we saw this on the left with some of the Commonwealth’s Attorney elections that were going on this year, where they were saying they won’t enforce laws that they don’t agree with, and now we have these Republican localities coming out very predictably saying well we’re not going to enforce laws we don’t agree with. That’s not how state laws work; we had an election and the voters elected candidates that said they were going to pass these types of gun safety measures. And now that’s going to happen…That’s how state laws are made…So that’s going to happen, and localities need to enforce the law that is passed.”
  • House of Delegates committee assignments – Ben said he thinks Speaker-designee Eileen Filler-Corn has “handled it pretty well,” despite the fact that for “the last 20 years,” Republicans “kept Democrats off of the issues where they have the most knowledge and talent…which is absurd…So Eileen’s had to pick committee chairmen of who are the most senior members of these committees, but it’s really the most senior member of the Democratic caucus that the Republicans thought didn’t really know much about the issue, because they tried to put the weakest Democrats on it, and it’s a real disservice to the state…”
  • The 2020 Democratic presidential nomination – “Hillary Clinton…I really think that we’re going to see an outsider come in at this point, I don’t think we’re going to see a current candidate be the nominee.”

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