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Video: Loudoun Chair Phyllis Randall Refuses to Take Off “Moms Demand Action” Button, Says She’s “Embarrassed” for GOP Colleagues

Pro-Second-Amendment motion defeated 2-4-2-1


With the debate over Second Amendment “sanctuary counties” raging in Virginia, there was an intense exchange at the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors meeting last night. Check out the video, below, followed by a partial transcript. Also note that the resolution was defeated on a 2-4-2-1 vote. See LoudounNow for more details, including that the motion by Republican Supervisor Geary Higgins “would have added a statement to Loudoun’s state legislative agenda” that would have “opposed to any legislation that has or may be introduced in the Virginia General Assembly that could have the effect of unlawfully infringing on the rights of law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms as guaranteed by the Second Amendment of  the U.S. Constitution and Article 1, Section 13 of the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Virginia.”

P.S. What a massive difference – for the better – having Phyllis Randall and NOT John Whitbeck as Loudoun County Board Chair for the next four years. 🙂

Supervisor Suzanne Volpe (R-Algonkian District): “When you talk about saying we’re not going to do anything partisan, we’re not going to do anything partisan, I’d just ask Madame Chair if you’d go ahead and take off your ‘Moms Demand Action’ button.”

Chair Phyllis Randall (D): “I will not, I will not…actually they’re not [partisan], actually not, and I will not take it off, there’s your answer, there’s your answer. I’ve got to tell you, I am embarrassed for you all at this point. I am embarrassed FOR you. The amount [sic] of times you have come to us and said you cannot bring these issues because the General Assembly is going to vote on them, and we shouldn’t speak to [them because] it’s a General Assembly issue…Ms. Umstattd earlier in the term brought a resolution to recognize LGBTQ month, and you not only voted that down, but in voting that down, you stripped the Chair’s power to alone decide what resolutions come, because you said it was too partisan. I lost power of the Board on an LGBTQ resolution. You all have told us over and over again no to bring issues that the General Assembly is going to vote on. This is no different and every single one of you know it. The amount of twisting and turning you’re doing to make this ok is embarrassing; it absolutely is. You can vote on it if you want to, or not vote on it, but do not act like this is any different than everything else we’ve talked about up here, because it absolutely is not, it absolutely is not. It’s a General Assembly issue, it’s not a local issue…again, I put up a resolution to have control over our own land and what sits on that land and you all voted that down because you said it was a state issue…You are all twisting yourself in pretzels to say yes to this. Say yes to it if you want to, but do not be hypocritical while you’re doing it…We are changing this on January 7 right away…Yes, elections do have consequences…This was litigated and voted on and those votes were not even close. It was clear. It was crystal clear. This is a stunt and you should be embarrassed.”


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