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Let’s Make Super Tuesday a Celebration of Democracy at the Polls


by Glen Besa

We all have our favorite(s) in the race that will determine who among the Democratic candidates for President will take on Donald Trump in November.  But every Democrat I know also plans to unite behind the nominee whoever she or he is, because ending the reign of Donald Trump is our shared #1 priority. 

Defeating Trump is all about saving our democracy, for which he has shown absolute contempt.  Trump’s daily assaults on the US Constitution, our institutions of government and on common decency can be downright depressing. But as the results of the last three elections in Virginia demonstrate, Democrats are Fired Up and Ready to Vote! 

So why not make Presidential Primary Election Day, March 3rd, a celebration of our democracy! A party at the polls!   

Local Democratic Party volunteers will be working the polls across Virginia on Super Tuesday along with volunteers for many of the Presidential candidates.  Almost everyone voting that day will be a Democrat or supporting a Democratic candidate and committed to defeating Trump. 

Let’s plan a celebration of our democracy at the polls on that day, kind of like the 4th of July. Let’s break out the American flags and the red, white and blue bunting and streamers, and decorate our tents and tables outside our polling places. Let’s exhibit to each voter the excitement and joy that come in knowing that we are working to defeat Trump in November and to restore our democracy.  And we can recruit new volunteers for November’s election as well.  

Are you ready to party from 6 am to 7 pm and beyond on Super Tuesday?  I know I will be celebrating democracy all day in Chesterfield County with my fellow Democrats, and I urge you to do the same from Abingdon to Arlington, from Highland County to Virginia Beach!  


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