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Video: Sen. Mark Warner Shares Some Thoughts on Day 3 of Senate Impeachment Trial

Warner: "The House managers have made a very powerful case"


From Sen. Mark Warner, on day #3 of the impeachment trial…says “the House managers have made a very powerful case…even as somebody who followed this, all of the timeline and the facts are much clearer for me – and I think most of my colleagues, Democrats and Republicans.” Warner adds:

“The fact that it appears the president both withheld a meeting from the Ukrainian president in the White House and withheld military aid to our Ukrainian allies, who are in a war with Russia, and he withheld both of these activities so that the Ukrainian president would announce an investigation into the Bidens…has been fairly well laid out…One question that keeps haunting me…if the president’s lawyers feel that either this isn’t the way it took place or there was a different fact pattern, I just don’t understand why the president’s most senior aides who were in the room…who could give us this full information…why those documents and those witnesses won’t come forward.”


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