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Registration Deadline Today — Your Vote Matters


by A Siegel

Today is the last day to register (or change your place of registration) for the Presidential primary.  While almost certain that any/everyone coming to this site is already registered, certainly worth send out to your networks that the hours are dwindling away for participation in Virginia’s 3 March primary (and 25 February is deadline for requesting an absentee ballot).

“Register to vote or apply for an absentee ballot online using the citizen portal.”

Virginians should aware that every single vote matters. Think about the significant change for the better in the 2020 Virginia House and all that has been achieved so far.

How much of this might have been partially achieved two years earlier with a split Dem/Rep control with just one additional voter in 2017 (e.g., Shelly Simonds in House in 2018 rather than 2020)? While ‘we’ are aware of this, a long-term challenge: how to educate and engage with those who don’t see this and increase the vote count (writ large, when people vote, Democrats win …).  With that in mind, take the time to watch “My Vote Don’t Count“.

Whether high schoolers, university students, other young adults, and/or, sigh, most Americans, too many don’t know who their Members of Congress let along their State Senators, Delegate, Supervisor, School Board representative … In this video, rapper YelloPain addresses this in his rap (see full lyrics here)

We gotta focus on the Legislative branch;
yeah they the ones that make the Laws
Yeah they the ones that write how much food stamps money you get on the card
But when people that wanted to help us wanted the job
I know they probably lost
Cause we ain’t even know they name, we ain’t know they face, we ain’t know at all
So the Congress or the State House that’s the Legislative, they make Laws
So what we want from the President is what they do, okay y’all?
See they election every two years but we don’t ever even go to those
The Congress they could raise minimum wage but we ain’t even really know it though
So you know how back in ’08, when we all voted for Obama
We was all supposed to go back in 2010 and voted for the Congress
Cause they the ones that make child support laws
They the ones choose if your kids at school get to eat steak or corn dogs
The state house makes the courthouse
So if the country fail you can’t say it’s them, it’s your fault
Cause ya ain’t know to know to vote for Congress members that was for y’all
And they don’t gotta leave at the four years and we just let ‘em sit
See, they don’t want to tell you this they want you to focus on the President

Some clarity and truth.  Perhaps the simplest and truest line, in a call for civic engagement through registering and voting:

if you want to fix the US, we need to focus on those two letters: us

While perhaps too late to engage for today’s registration deadline, perhaps promoting (sharing, talking about, otherwise) YelloPain’s “My Vote Don’t Count” might just lead to a few more voters at the polls and a few more elections where the Democratic Party candidate doesn’t have to flip a coin the right way to win an election.


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