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For Some Couples, the Holidays are the Hardest Time of the Year



Christmas, and the whole holiday season, often conjures up images of good food, spending time with family, and of course, giving gifts. While some couples may enter the holiday with these hopes, sometimes they end up arguing, spending more money than one spouse thinks is right, and feeling a great amount of stress. When that is the case, the pressure is just too much for some, and their marriage ends up taking a hit for it.

According to a recent study conducted by a firm in Los Angeles, divorce filings increase by nearly one-third in the time immediately following the holidays. Although that statistic may sound shocking, it may make more sense than people realize.

After all, just about everyone at this time of year is under a great amount of pressure to make sure it is perfect for everyone. Stressing about having the perfect gifts for loved ones, choosing the perfect decorations, and spending so much time on everyone else can cause some couples to lose sight of the bigger picture. Communication breaks down, and spouses may start to blame each other for anything from spending too much time with their family to wasting too much of the family’s finances.

“It is important to remember that the holidays are not the happiest time of year for everyone,” says family law attorney Heather O’Connor of O’Connor Family Law. “For some couples, it is an extremely difficult time of year. The pressure of the holidays is just too much for some families, and without talking about it, the situation can become much worse.”

Communication seems to be the key to remaining happy, and in a healthy relationship. Long before the holiday season starts, it is important that spouses sit down with each other and discuss how they are going to spend the holidays. Everything should be discussed from how much entertaining they will do, to how much money they will spend, and of course, which family the couple will spend the holidays with.

By knowing what each person expects for the holidays, this time can be easier to handle for the couple, and ensure that the marriage remains intact long after the holidays are over.


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