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Gov. Northam Quotes 1 Corinthians; Liberty U. Responds With Exodus 20:16

How about Proverbs 19:22?


At his COVID-19 press conference yesterday, Gov. Ralph Northam addressed the controversy over Liberty University, in part by quoting from 1 Corinthians:

It is required that those who have been given a trust must prove faithful. Proving faithful means providing clear and consistent guidance. And it means respecting the duty that Liberty University has to its students, its staff, the Lynchburg community in which it is located, and our Commonwealth. I would suggest that President Falwell look to the actions of the leaders of Virginia’s flagship universities for how to set a strong example in this health crisis and to please reconsider his message that invites and encourages students to return to campus.”

In response, Liberty University issued the following statement (“Liberty University refutes Gov. Northam’s false accusations”) by, in part, accusing Gov. Northam of “bear[ing] false witness against thy neighbor.”  So…if we’re going to be trading Bible verses, how about this one from Proverbs 19:22 about how it is “better to be poor than a liar?” Of course, in Falwell’s case, it’s clear that he’d much rather be rich than tell the truth. Anyway, bottom line: Liberty University needs to hold to the same guidelines and rules as everyone else during the COVID-19 crisis – no excuses, and no matter how many Bible verses Falwell cites.

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