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Loudoun County Board Chair Phyllis Randall: “There is actually more ‘meat’ to [Gov. Ralph Northam’s “Stay-at-Home”] order than I thought at first glance”


Interesting analysis of Gov. Ralph Northam’s “Stay-at-Home” Executive Order 55, by Loudoun County Board Chair Phyllis Randall, especially given that numerous people have argued that Northam’s order doesn’t really change anything:

Loudoun, I’ve spent time reading through Governor Northam’s Executive Orders. I’ve spoken to Sheriff Chapman and others to fully grasp the letter and intent of EO 55. There is actually more “meat” to the order than I thought at first glance.

1) Local law can enforce this order. Our Sheriff is asking people to comply, however, failure to comply can mean a fine up to $2,500 and/or a year in jail. If you are on County property you are trespassing. That includes School fields, and all Parks and Rec facilities. If a Sheriff’s Deputy sees or hears of congregations of groups of more than 10, or if those 10 are not six feet apart they can ask you to disband. (Our Sheriff Department is really busy, let’s help them out by being compliant).

2) Restaurants can still have curbside or delivery. Dining in is closed as I understand this order. When picking up curbside keep the six foot distance or sit in you car while you wait.

3) The golf thing has confused many (me included) A person can golf, however the golf clubhouses are closed for tee times and rentals and you can’t be in a golf cart because there is no six foot separation.

4) A person, or people can exercise, walk dogs etc. This must be done in a manner that includes no more than 10 people and they must be six feet apart.

5) Yes, you can get necessities such as prescriptions and groceries. The Governor is asking for as few trips as possible for these needs.

6) You can leave your home to care for loved ones who may be in need. Please do this in the safest way possible.

7) If you have a reasonable fear for your own health and safety you can leave your home. This is meant to cover someone who may have a fall or accident in the home or someone who is in an unsafe/abusive environment. If you are symptomatic for COVID19 please don’t show up on the emergency room, call you PCP or the Loudoun County Health Department 703.737.8300.

Finally I’m getting a lot of questions about private day care. I don’t know the answer but I’m checking. I do realize our essential workers need child care. It’s not realistic to believe we should shut them all down, but I will check to see if there are any spelled out guidance for private daycares.


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