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Video: Gov. Ralph Northam’s Tuesday (3/24) Briefing on Coronavirus Situation in Virginia


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  • From reporter Max Smith: “Northam: These are not easy decisions, but every decision we make is based on science and data. He says Virginians understand these changes are difficult, but necessary, and to have economy recover have to get through health crisis…Virginia Gov. Northam starts with recap: K-12 schools closed rest of year Restaurants delivery only starting tomorrow, many non-essential businesses must close (or certain can stay open w/social distancing) Grocery, health, supply chain remain open.”
  • “We also need to acknowledge the emotional losses…This will be our new normal for a while…but it won’t be forever. We will get through this.”
  • “We have received the first shipment of PPE…from the national stockpile. We expect our second distribution next week…Our public and private sectors are being creative.”
  • Will work to ensure that our medical professionals have the equipment they need to keep all of us safe.
  • Confirmed 290 cases, 7 deaths statewide. Highest # of cases in Arlington, Fairfax and Peninsula health districts…
  • Asked about President Trump saying he wants to ease restrictions in 19 days, Northam said, “I think it’s fair to say we all want our lives to return to normal as fast as possible, but I think we have to use science…data…consultation..and really do what’s in the best interests…of Virginians….It would be nice to say that this will be behind us in two weeks, that’s really not what the data tell us…at least 2-3 months and perhaps even longer…I think we have to be realistic…I think it’s very important that Virginians, that Americans do not receive mixed messages, and our message is to continue to do the things that we have offered as guidelines, the social distancing…”
  • From reporter @MelLeonor: “Virginia health chief says that the state has an order with 10-day turnaround for 1 million surgical masks and 5 million N95 masks.” Reporter Max Smith adds: “Va Health Sec says need more help from feds – have to replenish weeks of supplies in supply chain to keep caregivers/first responders safe Would support national-level production avail for all states since it would help all states/territories…Va Health Sec Carey says guidance to hospitals continues to be to cancel elective surgeries, says that includes any procedure that uses protective equipment & other supplies. Plan is to keep those postponed until protective equipment supply is stable.”


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