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Video: Liberty U President Jerry Falwell Goes on “Fox & Friends” (Natch), Claims Coronavirus “Their Next Attempt to Get Trump”

Suggests China, N. Korea might have gotten together to attack us with Coronavirus.


We’d expect no better from a right-wing extremist nutjob like Jerry Falwell, Jr. – pals with the “pool boy” – than to go on “Fox & Friends” (natch) and spew dangerous, insane misinformation about COVID-19. But…yep, that’s exactly what he did this morning. See the video below, in which Falwell says:

  • It’s just strange to me how so many are overreacting. The H1N1 virus in 2009 killed 17,000 people. It was the flu, also I think. And there was not the same hype…you just didn’t see it on the news 24/7. And it makes you wonder if there’s a political reason for that…You know, impeachment didn’t work and the Mueller report didn’t work, and Article 25 didn’t work and so maybe now this is their next attempt to get Trump.”
  • “I had the owner of a restaurant ask me last night, he said you remember the
    North Korean leader promised a Christmas present for America back in December. Could it be they got together with China and this is that present, I don’t know, but it really is something strange going on.”
  • Also, on “Vexit” – “The Washington DC suburbs now control every every Virginia  statewide election, and that’s resulted in a radical government in Richmond. They’re passing all kinds of bills that are just contrary to what the majority of Virginia…most Virginians as far as land mass support…When we announced it, we said it was a long shot because we thought Richmond had to approve these counties leaving and we thought Washington had to approve it. But we learned from…a legislator in West Virginia from Rick Boyer, a local attorney here, and from our legal team, that Thomas Jefferson wrote the Virginia Constitution so that counties, communities, cities could leave Virginia, go to another state without a war, because he did he didn’t want the Revolutionary War to happen again for people to escape tyranny…so we don’t think it’s such a long shot.”


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