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Video: Sen. Mark Warner Says “Congress needs to be here working. We need to have already passed that emergency relief”

"I don't even think the House bill is enough."


Sen. Mark Warner, speaking on MSNBC to Andrea Mitchell earlier this afternoon, said (also, see video below):

“I don’t think we should have gone out of session on Friday…this is a national emergency, the Congress needs to be here working, we need to have already passed that emergency relief...I don’t even think the House bill is enough. I think we need to move on the unemployment issue…to what’s called disaster-related unemployment relief, where you don’t have to wait seven days, where the company does not have to sever its relationship with the employee…some targeted assistance to certain industries…that assistance to these targeted industries…we need to see the vast majority of those funds, 80%-90% of those funds, as pass-through to workers…I’m not taking anything off the table. My fear is that that kind of macroeconomic effort [Sen. Romney’s proposal to give $1,000 per person], you only get one shot on that, and that was one of the reasons why I thought the president’s payroll tax cut was so, frankly, just ill-thought-through – that doesn’t do anything if you’re an Uber driver or if you’re an independent contractor or if you’ve already been laid off…that payroll tax cut might be an extra $10 a month; that’s not going to take care of thingsMy fear is if we act before we’ve kind of gotten other things in place, we may have shot all our bullets…the Fed took pretty dramatic action yesterday, it did not calm the markets…With interest rates at all-time record lows, I think we need to have the financial institutions put out a lot of these loans at virtually low-interest or no-interest so that we can get this capital into the marketplace where it’s needed right now.”

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