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The Atlantic Coast Pipeline Is a Bad Investment: Time to End It for Good


From Clean Virginia:

Clean Virginia Supporter,

Good news! Dominion Energy announced this month that it would cancel plans to build several new gas plants across Virginia, submitting written testimony that “significant build-out of natural gas generation facilities is not currently viable.” These gas plants had been part of Dominion’s primary justification for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.

Since even Dominion admits that new gas projects no longer make sense in Virginia, it’s time now for Dominion Energy CEO and Board Chair Tom Farrell to end the Atlantic Coast Pipeline for good.

The company’s shareholders will hold their annual meeting next week, and they need to hear from you: the Atlantic Coast Pipeline is no longer viable and Dominion must abandon its pipeline plans. Send your message to shareholders ASAP!

We all know that the Atlantic Coast Pipeline would be a disaster for the climate and public health. The good news is that the project is on the ropes with multiple court challenges and strong public opposition. A shareholder rebellion against the project could be the final blow to a pipeline that Vice President Al Gore called a “reckless, racist, rip-off.”

Dominion’s shareholders have come close to bucking the company’s leadership before. Just last year, a resolution to establish an independent board with increased oversight over projects like the Atlantic Coast Pipeline nearly passed.

Send your message now to Dominion’s top shareholders: the Atlantic Coast Pipeline is a doomed investment and should be abandoned.

Clean Virginia is partnering with organizations across Virginia to gather as many signatures as possible against the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. Once you’ve signed the letter to shareholders, please send to a friend or family member. With each new voice added, the message becomes even more powerful.

Thank you for speaking out for Virginia’s future,

Brennan Gilmore, Clean Virginia Executive Director


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