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Video: Sen. Kamala Harris *Tries* to Teach Sen. Mark Warner How to Make a *Good* Tuna Melt

We'll see if this video "breaks the internet" again.


Presumably,. unless you’ve been living under a…well, tuna melt, lol…you’ve already seen Tuna meltdown: Internet breaks after Sen. Mark Warner’s sandwich tutorial:

“Two slices of bread, medium cheddar cheese and a can of tuna. Throw in a microwave, and we officially have a recipe for disaster.”

So, how to turn that “disaster” into something approaching success? LOL For starters, how about a Tuna Melt 101 tutorial from a – wait for it – *good* cook, namely Sen. Kamala Harris? Check this out, and note that Sen. Warner did seem to be taking it in, although how much he actually *absorbed* is difficult to say. Haha. And yes, we really do need good, harmless fun and laughter these days. Thank you to Sen. Warner and Sen. Harris for providing that, as well as for their excellent legislating of course! 🙂

P.S. Gotta agree with Sen. Tim Kaine on this one…


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