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Video: Sen. Mark Warner’s Latest, Virtual Coronavirus Town Hall – This Time Without Any Microwaved Tuna Melts

Sen. Warner calls Sen. McConnell's comments about letting states go bankrupt "outrageous," "obviously irresponsible"


See below for Sen. Mark Warner’s latest, virtual Coronavirus Town Hall – this time without any microwaved tuna melts. Among other things, Sen. Warner had the following comments:

  • On Sen. McConnell’s comments about not helping states and localities, Sen. Warner said: “I just found outrageous that somehow we shouldn’t help states and local governments, and particularly if they are blue states. That is not who we are as a country, and the idea that we should allow states or localities to go bankrupt…is obviously irresponsible…the idea that we would be laying off first responders, police and fire in this moment, even it appears President Trump disagreed with him on that.”
  • On elections, Sen. Warner said he supports legislation to move to mail-in voting across the country, but doesn’t think it will happen this year due to “Sen. McConnell’s and Trump’s opposition.” However, Sen. Warner notes that we’ve made a lot of progress in Virginia, with “a lot more early voting, with 20 days of early voting, no-excuse absentee voting,” and “I can assure you as somebody who’s running for reelection this fall, I’m going to be very focused on making sure our elections are free, fair…”
  • On Trump’s bipartisan task force on reopening, Sen. Warner said that he was on one call, that “I hope the president does use this group…I think I’ve got something to add…I’m happy to serve, but I think the jury is out whether that is a real organization or not.”
  • And on a humorous note, Sen. Warner said, “if you could make fun of [my tuna melt], not fun of your neighbor, that would be a step in the right direction.”

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