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Congressman Ted Lieu and Khizr Khan Host Virtual Virginia AAPI Heritage Month Celebration


From the Joe Biden for President campaign:

May 27, 2020
Congressman Ted Lieu and Khizr Khan Host Virtual Virginia AAPI Heritage Month Celebration
Yesterday, Congressman Ted Lieu and Khizr Khan hosted a virtual AAPI Heritage Month celebration in Virginia.

Lieu and Khan were also joined by Democratic Asian American Caucus of Virginia Chair Praveen Meyyan, Virginia State Senator Gazala Hashmi, Delegates Suhas Subramanyam, Kathy Tran, and Biden for President National AAPI Director Amit Jani.

See below for some key quotes from the discussion:

“And as America gets more diverse and inclusive, we need a President that understands that diversity is our strength and not our weakness. Joe Biden is that person. You know, I had this amazing opportunity to be on a virtual meeting with Vice President Biden… just to be in a room with a normal, compassionate, decent person was such a huge change. Having dealt with the Trump Administration for over three years, it is incredible to watch the chaos that happens seemingly every day. And we actually need Vice President Biden in as President and Asian Americans can now make the difference. Because of our surging numbers, we now have the margin of victory in a number of swing states,” said Congressman Ted Lieu.

“I ask if you feel concerned about the direction of our blessed nation and wish that we could do something about it, then follow the… advice of our former President Obama: Vote. Organize. Do the field work. By electing a better and deserving leader, we give a gift to our country, to our future. We are stronger together than we think. Virginians know this… our stories will outlive us. Together, let’s write the story that we elect a better leader for our nation, for our America, for our country” said Khizr Khan.

“Vice President Joe Biden has been a lifelong public servant, and he has the breadth of national leadership experience, the decades of policy work, and a command of the intricacies of the international relations that it takes to lead a country. We know that he will bring with him a team of ethical public servants who understand that their role is to serve the best interests of this country and its people, to protect the Constitution and not to line their own pockets, or work for the advancement of their narrow interests of their family and friends. So we don’t have any room for equivocation in this decision in November 2020 and indeed the whole world is looking to us to make a moral decision because our efforts impact the shape of this new decade, and the rest of this century,” said State Senator Gazala Hashimi.

“I’m really, really glad to be a part of Team Biden. I think what we have seen across this country, in the last several weeks just really emphasizes the important role that Asian-Americans have in helping to contribute to our economic, social, and cultural fabric as a country and as a Commonwealth here in Virginia. And I know that our community is poised to make a tremendous difference in November’s election and making sure that Virginia goes for Vice President Biden,” said Delegate Kathy Tran.

“And unfortunately, I’m just disappointed in the way this White House, and this President, has responded to this disaster, and I think it’s led to a lot of economic distress and a lot of health distress, a lot of people losing their lives. That’s just the reality in my mind. And I think that when we think about, you know, Trump versus Biden, it’s not just about two people, you know, going against each other — it’s about leadership and having the right leadership to guide our country, and the right values reflected,” said Delegate Suhas Subramanyam.


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