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Audio: 2021 VA GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Amanda Chase (R) Says People Would Be “So Triggered” If We Had a “White History Month” or “White Legislative Caucus”

Chase: "They're going after every statue of someone that had white skin."


Check out the following audio, of far-right State Sen. Amanda Chase (R) – the only announced VA GOP candidate for governor of Virginia in 2021 at this point – being interviewed yesterday on WRVA, in which she had a bunch of inflammatory and appalling things to say (what else is new?). Such as:

  • “I hold the entire Democrat [sic] Party…they’ve been hijacked by the socialist agenda…This is all about a national movement to rewrite our history…We are seeing complicit…Democratic governors across the country…I say things controversial sometimes to wake people up, and I’m not even kidding…now they’re going after presidents…our Founding Fathers…they want to erase history altogether…What we are seeing in our country right now is like something out of the Twilight Zone…This is an all-out attack on American history…I haven’t seen one single Democrat…speak out against what’s going on…”
  • “They’re the ones that preached tolerance…we’re about the First Amendment. I had that shoved down my throat when I tried to remove books from a Chesterfield County school book summer reading list, you know, that was shoved on me. You know, how dare you, to our elementary school kids, deny them of porn. It’s educational, it’s the First Amendment. You know, I’m using that same argument – where’s the tolerance, what about the First Amendment?” [NOTE: for more on Chase’s crusade against “porn,” see this article]
  • “Look, I’m more than just about getting votes here, I’m about driving the discussion to make people think why is it ok to say; people get triggered when you say ‘white history’ but they’re not triggered when you say ‘black history’ or ‘black history month’. Or did you know that we have a Black Legislative Caucus? I mean, if we had a white legislative caucus or a white history month, I mean people would be so triggered. And my whole point is, this is *American* history, stop referring to history based on the color of one’s skin. We need to teach history chronologically and not based on the color of one’s skin…I’m going to speak the truth, I’m not a politician, I’m not going to be politically correct…we’re failing to acknowlege truth…nobody’s willing to say anything but me…the people are saying, ‘you’re our voice.'”
  • “Now look what’s going on. They’re going after every statue of someone that had white skin.”


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