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Full Audio: Trump’s Unhinged Conference Call with Governors

"If you don't dominate your city or your state, they're going to walk away with you...You've got to have total domination"


Check out the audio, below, courtesy of the Daily Beast, of Trump’s call with governors today, and his unhinged comments. Also, check out what the nation’s worst-ever, most dangerous and lawless Attorney General – Bill Barr – has to say.

“The Attorney General is here…We will activate Bill Barr and activate him very stronglyWe’re strongly looking for arrests. You have to get much tougher…You have to dominate, if you don’t dominate you’re wasting your time. They’re going to run over you, you’re going to look like a bunch of jerks. You have to dominate. And you have to arrest people, and you have to try people, and they have to go jail for long periods of time…

…It’s like a movement, and it’s a movement that if you don’t put it down, it will get worse and worse. This is like Occupy Wall Street; it was a disaster, until one day somebody said that’s enough, and they just went in and wiped them out…I heard it about it today for the first time in a long time…It was there forever, it seemed, on Wall Street; they closed up Wall Street, the financial district of the world, and they had total domination, they were ordering pizzas…and nobody did anything. And then one day, somebody said that’s enough, get them out of here within two hours; it was bedlam for an hour, and then after that everything was beautiful…These are the same people…radicals…they’re anarchists…I’m not representing radical right, radical left, I’m representing everybody. But you have to know what you’re dealing with. And it’s happened before…numerous times, and the only time it’s successful is when you are weak, and most of you are weak!

…In Washington, they had large groups…they attacked the AFL-CIO building, so they attacked their…friends, which is very interesting….We’re going to have [Washington, DC] under much more control, we’re going to pour in thousands of people…We’re going to clamp down very very strongly…You have to arrest people…put them in jail for 10 years and you’ll never see this stuff again...They’re trying to get people out on bail in Minneapolis…You’ve got to arrest all those people and you’ve got to try them..if they get 5 years or 10 years they have to get 5 years or 10 years. There’s no retribution…If you don’t dominate your city or your state, they’re going to walk away with you…You’ve got to have total domination…put them in jail…

…NY is going to have to toughen up…What’s going on in NY is terrible, it’s terrible, of all the places…No domination, you have to dominate…Philadelphia, you’d better toughen up…

These are terrorists, they’re looking to do bad things to our country. They’re Antifa and they’re radical left…Go back and study Occupy Wall Street…when it was all over, it was a beautiful thing…

…I don’t know what it is, politically, when you don’t want to call up people. They’re ready, willing and able; they want to fight for the country. I don’t know what it is, someday you’ll have to explain it to me, but it takes so long to call them up, we’re waiting for you. We’re shocked that certain areas, L.A. We’re shocked that you’re not using the greatest resource you could use, and they’re trained for this stuff, and they’re incredible, why you’re not calling them up. I don’t know, but you’re making a mistake, because you’re making yourselves look like fools. And some have done a great job. A lot of you, it’s not good, it’s very bad for our country…other countries watch this, they’re watching us and they say, wow, they’re really a pushover, and we can’t be a pushover…It’s not like you don’t have the resources, so I don’t know what you’re doing.”

Barr – You have to “dominate the streets.” “You have to have adequate force.”


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