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Map of 96 Confederate Monuments in Virginia

61% were erected in the 1900s and 1910s


The following information about Confederate monuments in Virginia is from VPAP. A few things jump out at me.

  • VPAP lists 96 Confederate monuments, spread all over Virginia, including nine in Richmond, four in Lexington, three in Charlottesville, three in Lynchburg, two in Luray, two in Gloucester, etc.
  • The earliest date a monument was erected was in 1872, in Lancaster, seven years after the Civil War ended in 1865. Only three monuments were erected in the 1870s and only four in the 1880s. The 1890s saw a surge in Confederate monuments, with 13 being erected. The jackpot decade was the 1900s (around four decades after the Civil War), when 36 Confederate monuments were erected in Virginia, followed by another 23 in the 1910s. So…59, or 61%, were erected in the 1900s and 1910s. After that, there were six put up in the 1920s, three in the 1930s, one in the 1940s, none in the 1950s, one in the 1960s, none in the 1970s, one in the 1980s, two in the 1990s, and one in the 2000s.
  • Four Confederate monuments so far have been removed, including three this year (two in Richmond, one in Alexandria) and one in 2017 (in Lynchburg).

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