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Trump Fighting to Take Health Coverage from 741,000 Virginians


From DPVA:

Trump Fighting to Take Health Coverage from 741,000 Virginians

RICHMOND, VA — New data from the Center for American Progress show that the number of Virginians who stand to lose their coverage if the Affordable Care Act is repealed has increased by nearly 100,000 in the midst of this global pandemic.

The new estimates indicate that if the ACA is repealed during the coronavirus crisis, 741,000 Virginians could lose their coverage. Despite having no plan to replace the ACA, the Trump administration and 18 Republican governors and attorneys general continue to push for its eradication.

Tomorrow, they will file opening briefs with the Supreme Court lawsuit to repeal the ACA, which would result in over 23 millions Americans losing their health coverage, according to CAP, a number that has only increased during a pandemic that has caused historic job loss.

Critically, a repeal of the ACA would eliminate consumer protections including those for pre-existing conditions, requirements to cover preventative care, prescription drug cost restrictions, and regulations to prevent gender discrimination in determining the cost of care.

“The fact of the matter is that the ACA is a popular policy that is making a real impact toward quality care in Virginia. Trump doesn’t care if hundreds of thousands of Virginians lose their insurance because he’s determined to fulfill his promise of repealing the ACA,” said DPVA Press Secretary Carson Brown.



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