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Rep. Karen Bass, Dr. Cameron Webb, Sen. Ghazala Hashmi, Sen. Mamie Locke Host Roundtable on Joe Biden’s Racial Equity Plan


From the Joe Biden for President campaign:

July 29, 2020

Congresswoman Karen Bass, Dr. Cameron Webb, Senator Ghazala Hashmi, Senator Mamie Locke Host Roundtable on Joe Biden’s Racial Equity Plan

Today, Congresswoman Karen Bass (CA-37), Fifth District Democratic Nominee Dr. Cameron Webb, Senator Ghazala Hashmi (Richmond), and Senator Mamie Locke (Hampton) held a roundtable on Joe Biden’s plan to “Build Back Better” and achieve racial economic equity in Virginia and across the country. They discussed how Biden’s plan will address the disparities in health care, housing, small businesses, and education for communities of color.

See below for key quotes from the discussion:

“[Biden] understands that with systemic discrimination it’s not just about equality, it’s about equity. And we are going to see that in every aspect of his administration,” said Congresswoman Karen Bass (CA-37). “I believe we will see the most diverse leaders in this country than we have ever seen in history that will be reflected in his cabinet, and that will certainly be reflected in his policies. I want to mention three policies specifically: small businesses opportunity plan, a housing plan, a climate plan. All of which will be implemented and led with the lens of racial equity.”

“I remember prior to coming back to the University of Virginia, when I was working in the White House, I remember the deep admiration I had for Vice President Biden. And, as you mentioned, yes, I worked on the White House health care team. I worked closely with a lot of the team as we were implementing and executing the Affordable Care Act,” said Dr. Cameron Webb, Fifth District Democratic Nominee. “I also worked on the My Brother’s Keeper initiative. But I had the great fortune to work with some of Vice President Biden’s team on the cancer moonshot…What I saw was that Vice President Biden is not afraid of some of the tallest tasks facing our society.”

“Vice President Biden believes in an economy where every American enjoys a fair return for their work and an equal chance to get ahead. He believes in an economy where African American, Latino, Asian American and Pacific Islander, and Native American workers and families are finally welcomed as full participants in this economy. This includes tackling discrimination when participating in our economy,” said Senator Mamie Locke (Hampton). “In Virginia this very last session, we passed Senate Bill 50 which would ban discrimination based on hairstyles — the CROWN Act. As president, Joe Biden will rebuild our economy back better and more equitable for all Virginians.”

“We were able to pass so much important legislation this past 2020 General Assembly in Virginia,” said Senator Ghazala Hashmi (Richmond). “Legislation that opens doors and opportunities, and pushes forward the ideas of racial equity. And we are hoping we can see the same kind of progressive movement on a national stage under the leadership of Vice President Joe Biden.”


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