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VIDEO: Sen. Mark Warner Slams Misinformation on Vote by Mail, Highlights Ease of Voting in Virginia


From Sen. Mark Warner’s campaign:

VIDEO: Warner Slams Misinformation on Vote by Mail, Highlights Ease of Voting in Virginia

Alexandria, VA — Today, at a joint Facebook town hall with Congressman Bobby Scott, Senator Mark Warner (D-VA) slammed misinformation being spread about voting absentee by mail.

Warner’s remarks come as President Trump today renewed his attacks on voting by mail despite a lack of evidence that it leads to voter fraud. Yesterday, Trump suggested in a tweet the possibility of delaying the November election, which he cannot do.

When asked whether there was a difference between mail-in voting and absentee voting as suggested by Trump, Warner said: “This is a made up difference by Donald Trump to confuse and frighten people. Donald Trump has voted by absentee at least the last couple of elections, depending on which state — which year — he chooses for his home state. I know he’s recently chosen Florida, I believe, to try to avoid his responsibilities in New York, I’m not sure. But that’s my understanding…But this distinction that Mr. Trump keeps making between absentee and vote-by-mail is nothing but, at least in my mind, political rhetoric.”

Warner also highlighted how easy new laws in Virginia make it to vote, saying: “In Virginia, we’ve made three major changes in the law: you can now vote in Virginia by mail without any excuse, any reason, if you simply choose to vote by mail. It used to be called absentee. Now, it’s called vote by mail. Secondly, starting Sept. 19th, every jurisdiction will have to allow five days a week and at least two Saturdays the ability to vote in person. So if you don’t want to wait in a line, and one of things Bobby and I are working on is trying to make sure in the larger jurisdictions that there’s not just one place to vote but you can go vote a number of places. And then should you choose to vote on Election Day, you can actually do a curbside drop-off. So if you feel concerned about going to a public location, if you’re immunocompromised, if you’re an elderly person. You still have that right to vote and you can do it with curbside voting.”

Virginians can vote safely and easily through no-excuse absentee by mail, early in-person beginning on September 19, and in-person on November 3. Voters can register to vote today online by visiting: https://www.elections.virginia.gov/.


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