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Virginia Republicans *Wildly* Out of Touch with Public Opinion on Reopening Schools


How out of touch are Virginia Republicans when it comes to handing COVID-19, and specifically reopening schools five days a week? *Wildly* out of touch, according to this morning’s polling by Navigator Research. First, check out the Virginia Republicans’ position on school reopening, in this recent press conference:

“That is why today this group of Republican legislators has come together to call on the Northam administration to withdraw their guidelines and put in place a road map that helps the schools reopen for five days of learning for all students…We call on Governor Northam and his administration to make it a priority to work together with legislators and local school boards to create a road map to allow families the choice to return to the classroom five days a week this fall for the overall health and benefit of our students across Virginia…An immunity policy for school districts is what we propose and that would in fact allow our schools to focus on how to safely reopen their doors five days a week”

So, what percent of people agree with that hardline, five-days-a-week position? Let’s go to the new poll numbers!

  • “Just 20% of Americans – and only 10% of independents – support fully reopening school buildings in the fall, while most Americans either want to reopen partially or not open at all.”
  • “Nearly two in three parents say schools should be among the last to reopen to keep our kids and communities healthy, and roughly the same say they are on the side of those who are being ‘more cautious’ about reopening schools.”
  • 62% “strongly agree” and another 26% “somewhat agree” that “we have to listen to the public health experts, and follow their plans for reopening schools safely, letting science and facts guide decisions, not political grandstanding.” The remaining tiny minority (12%) apparently agree with Virginia Republicans…
  • 89% agree (including 54% who “strongly agree”) that “We need to consider the impact of opening schools on the entire community – from children to teachers to older at-risk school workers to at-risk people who live near schools.” Only 12% disagree with that…among whom are, apparently, many/most Virginia Republicans.
  • 29% “strongly agree” that “we need our children back in school,” while 32% “disagree” and 38% “somewhat agree.”



P.S. In general, Americans do NOT approve of the job Trump’s doing as president, with nearly three in five disapproving.


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