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California AG Xavier Becerra, Del. Hala Ayala, Del. Elizabeth Guzman, Va. Latino Leaders Hold Roundtable on Joe Biden’s Latino Agenda


From the Joe Biden for President campaign:

August 5, 2020

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, Delegate Hala Ayala, Delegate Elizabeth Guzman, Virginia Latino Leaders Hold Roundtable on Joe Biden’s Latino Agenda

Today, California’s first Latino Attorney General Xavier Becerra, Delegate Hala Ayala (Prince William), Delegate Elizabeth Guzman, and Virginia Latino leaders held a roundtable on Joe Biden’s agenda for the Latino community. They discussed how Biden’s plan will build back our economy better for Latinos and close the disparities in health care, education, small businesses, and immigration impacting the Latino community.

See below for key quotes from the discussion:

“We’ve never had a president who would take office in his first day and know more about our community, and have done more for our community already, and is proposing to do more for our community than Joe Biden,” said California Attorney General Xavier Becerra. “The great thing is that we have someone who’s got the experience to show how he can deliver the results, and that’s what we need. We need someone who was at the table when we were first crafting, I remember these days back in 2012-2013, crafting what we now know as DACA. Joe Biden was there.”

“I know first hand that immigrants make us stronger, not weaker. Joe Biden knows this too. Throughout his career as a Senator and Vice President to Barack Obama, he has fought to create a pathway to the middle class and protect the civil rights of the Latino community,” said Delegate Elizabeth Guzman (Prince William). “His Latino Agenda addresses the issues that have impacted our community for so long…Biden’s plan will protect our immigrant hermanos and hermanas, and goes so much further than just immigration. It tackles the systemic racism that has kept Latinos away from fully participating in our economy.”

“Dreamwork is going to make this team work, and teamwork will make the dream work once we elect Joe Biden president,” said Delegate Hala Ayala (Prince William). “Some of the things I’m very excited, and I think [AG Becerra] touched on specifically, is that in Joe Biden’s plan to help Latinos in our community…He will be making a commitment to equity. He will make a commitment to invest in infrastructure, and making bold investments in homeownership and access to affordable housing for Latinos.”


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