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ICYMI: Former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe Hosts Iowa Roundtable on Joe Biden’s “Made in America” Plan


From the Joe Biden for President campaign:

August 7, 2020

Former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe Hosts Iowa Roundtable on Joe Biden’s “Made in America” Plan

Yesterday, former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe hosted an Iowa roundtable focused on Vice President Joe Biden’s “Made in America” plan to mobilize American ingenuity, bolster American industrial and technological strength, and ensure the future is “made in all of America” by all of America’s workers so that we can build modern infrastructure and an equitable, clean energy future.

Former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe: “For the folks in Iowa who are tired of listening to Donald Trump and his false claims it is time for real leadership and that’s what Joe Biden’s going to do…He’s going to incentivize us to become carbon free by 2050, and get us back in the Paris climate agreement, which we will do immediately. There are huge opportunities for us and I know Joe Biden, I’ve worked with him, he and I were partners in rebuilding the Virginia economy, and I know Joe Biden will [rebuild the economy] as President of the United States and he will do it for Iowa… And let’s talk about biofuels [Trump] has sided over and over with big the Exxon Mobils of the world against the biofuel industry, which is so critical to Iowa. So let’s do a case and point right there, booming business and Trump has nothing to help [the biofuel industry]. ”

Iowa Federation of Labor President Charlie Wishman: “What we really need is action and Joe Biden is a man of action. He always has been and he always will be and that’s something we know…Joe Biden will be the type of President who will bring both sides together to actually get something done on infrastructure…Joe Biden has made a commitment to us that labor is going to have a seat at the table when it comes to straightening out trade deals and making sure jobs are coming back to America Joe Biden is the man to get things done to rebuild the economy.”

State Representative Wes Breckenridge.“One of the things I like about Joe Biden’s ‘Build Back Better’ plan is he is ready to take off on day one and start to take what’s in this plan to revitalize made in America, invest in clean energy, and move forward and it’s exciting to see that…As somebody that’s a representative for rural Iowa, Jasper Country, I look at us as the leader in clean renewable energy…So when you think of clean energy and jobs an opportunities this plan feeds right into developing and expanding those opportunities through investment, technology, and new innovation…We need somebody like Joe Biden that’s going to come in here to make sure that we put a priority on clean energy. The plan that he set forth and the focus on clean energy is the right plan moving forward.”

Susan Judkins: “What really does excite me looking forward to a Biden presidency is his level of experience and really knowing how important it is to have a collaboration between the federal and local levels [of government].”


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