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Rachel Bitecofer’s Question to Republicans: “Is holding onto power really worth ending democracy?”

"People will die. Perhaps a great many. Perhaps you."


by Rachel Bitecofer

So what, Republicans? Do you think you’ll just sabotage the election, prevent millions of ballots from arriving, or counting, or maybe invalidating them to keep Trump in office and/or hold onto these Senate seats & the next day everyone will get up & grab Starbucks & move on?

Is holding onto power really worth ending democracy? You realize, of course, that at that point you don’t live in a democracy, you live in a country like China- one with capitalism and one party rule that one day, most of you will come to regret having built.

People will die. Perhaps a great many. Perhaps you. Perhaps your children. When societies collapse, its usually messy. People don’t fall into despotism without a fight. Are your small, safe grievances really so unbearable you’d trade them in for big ones- like not having power for days at a time? Not having medicine for your children when they’re sick? Not being able to sleep without a lookout?

Because you should understand this, this bubble you’ve created for yourselves, where Trump is a champion of freedom – on a crusade of liberty – that is one hell of an illusion. And you can know see that, if you want, by looking at all of the rest of the world, because they do not share the illusion with you. No, not even in the British and Australian conservative parties do they believe in the crazy conspiracies that have been weaved by this president and his party to get you to ignore his wrong doings. In the rest of the world, they are looking at you, the Republican Party of America, and they are in utter shock at what you have become.

Now YOU are on the edge of a cliff and what you do in the next couple of months will determine the fate of millions yet unborn. All the sacrifices of Americans that bled and died before you came along will amount to nothing if you decide to throw it all away for this small man who thinks himself a king.

You fear socialism in a country where fascism has signed a lease and is measuring the drapes. You, Republicans must rescind this offer. Can you do it? I don’t know. I only know that if you don’t, America as it has existed for 244 years may well come to an end and that will be on each of you because what is happening now, today, is preventable. You have the power to stop it.

Just remember this: if you break it, you buy it. And I do not think you will much like America 2.0.

The prototype has been a shit show.


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