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Video: Sen. Mark Warner on Senate Intel. Report Laying Out “In Exquisite Detail – Much More Than Mueller” Contacts Between Russians and the 2016 Trump Campaign

Also, on QAnon, Warner says "Karl Rove was right, these guys are wackjobs and the president ought to disavow them"


This morning, Sen. Mark Warner was on Meet the Press (see video, below) to discuss the Senate Intelligence Committee’s 1,000-page, fifth/final report on the “extensive contacts between Russia and members of the Trump 2016 campaign.” According to Sen. Warner:

  • He’s “very proud of the committee’s work…five volumes, all bipartisanly endorsed.”
  • Warner said “the report laid out in exquisite detail, much more detail than Mueller…unprecedented contacts between Russians and folks on the Trump campaign; the Trump campaign officials welcomed that help.
  • “Think of that, a campaign manager [Paul Manafort] sharing with a known Russian agent during the middle of a campaign.”
  • Regarding Sen. Marco Rubio claiming definitively that the Trump campaign did NOT collude with the Russians, Warner responded, “respectfully, I disagree with Marco on that…this is a report that was passed 14-1…the other reports were all virtually unanimous.”
  • Warner mentioned “all of the Trump intelligence officials…who all told the truth about the Russian[s]…and they were all fired because this president and this White House doesn’t want to hear the truth.”
  • On whether Trump lied to Robert Mueller regarding Roger Stone and Wikileaks, Sen. Warner said “the intelligence community chose what to redact, but I think anyone who would review the report and see the amount [sic] of contacts between Stone and Wikileaks and the timing of the release of the Wikileaks hacked information... I would ask any American to read that and draw their own conclusions.”
  • As for what’s happening right now, Sen. Warner said: “the intelligence community 10 days ago said that the Russians are back, trying to interfere in our elections again, that they have a disinformation/misinformation campaign targeted against Vice President Biden…my fear is there may be Americans that are unwittingly promoting that Russian disinformation campaign, and I think they need to be briefed so they don’t become, frankly, agents in effect of this disinformation campaign.”
  • On QAnon, Sen. Warner said it’s “fairly clear that this is a fringe group, that…they are potentially a threat, and the idea that the President of the United States is embracing these folks…just because they like him…is very bizarre…Karl Rove was right, these guys are wackjobs and the president ought to disavow them.”


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