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#FlashbackFreitas: Delegate Freitas Votes Against Broadband Internet For Rural Virginia 

This is the same guy who stands in front of a hospice without wearing a mask...


From the Democratic Party of Virginia

#FlashbackFreitas: Delegate Freitas votes against broadband internet for rural Virginia 

Richmond, VA — Virginians know that Delegate Nick Freitas can be forgetful. That’s why it’s useful to remind him of his previous extreme stances, statements, and votes.

Today’s reminder: This year, Delegate Freitas was just one of just six Republicans in the House of Delegates to vote against a bill to make it easier to build broadband infrastructure. 

With many communities in Central Virginia lacking adequate broadband internet service, expanding access is a top priority in the 7th district. But Delegate Freitas opposed an overwhelmingly bipartisan bill to make it easier to expand broadband infrastructure. During the COVID-19 pandemic, internet service is even more necessary as many schools and workplaces have gone remote. A recent study found that more than 200,000 K-12 students and 60,000 college students in Virginia don’t have a stable internet connection.

“Delegate Freitas never lets good policy get in the way of his extremism. With children and their parents learning and working remotely, it’s critical that everyone in Virginia has access to reliable internet service. But Delegate Freitas would rather leave his constituents at a competitive disadvantage than reach across the aisle to support rural broadband expansion,” said DPVA Communications Director Grant Fox.

In contrast, Rep. Abigail Spanberger has made expanding rural broadband a top priority while in office. She’s introduced and helped pass bipartisan legislation to increase funding for rural broadband, increase wireless service to existing school devices, and provide hotspots for students who lack internet access at home. She also led the fight to protect vital broadband internet funding from elimination last year.


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