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ICYMI: Virginia Latino Leaders Participate in “Early Vote: Voy A Votar” Virtual Call to Action


From the Biden/Harris campaign:

September 17, 2020

ICYMI: Virginia Latino Leaders Participate in “Early Vote: Voy A Votar” Virtual Call to Action

Last night, to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, Biden for President Virginia hosted “Early Vote: Voy A Votar,” a virtual call to action with Democratic Nominee (NY-15) Ritchie Torres, Democratic Nominee and former Chair of the Democratic Latino Organization of Virginia Marvin Figueroa, and leading Virginia Latino students and activists. The event highlighted how a Biden-Harris Administration will support young Latinos and encouraged Virginians to vote early starting on Friday, September 18th.

Below are key quotes from tonight’s rally:

“I’m Latino, I’m Black, I’m LGBTQ, and there’s only one presidential candidate for me and it’s Joe Biden,” said Democratic Nominee (NY-15) Ritchie Torres. “For me, this election is not only about party and ideology. The difference between Joe Biden and Donald Trump is a difference between the future and the past. Joe Biden is a bridge to the future, which includes us as members of the Latino community … Donald Trump began his career in presidential politics demonizing the Latino community, and so we as Latinos have a particular obligation to do our part in defeating Donald Trump. For me, what’s a better way to celebrate Hispanic heritage than to end the most anti-Latino presidency in the recent history of the United States? So I’m fired up, I’m going to do whatever I can, and I encourage you to do the same.”

“This conversation is about, and this election is about, what kind of America do we want to be,” said Marvin Figueroa, former Chair of the Democratic Latino Organization of Virginia. “And I believe in my heart that the Biden campaign and Kamala Harris have the right idea for this country. As a healthcare professional who has been part of this emergency since March 7th, when Virginia had its first case, you can see how the incompetence of this administration has led to unnecessary deaths. And those deaths tend to be in the Latino community who bear the brunt and disproportionate impact that this virus is having … And then the fear that this president has instilled in our communities. A lot of folks who could get the care that they need but they’re afraid of being deported when they arrive at the doctor’s office. So for me this is an incredibly important election … You can vote as early as this Friday, up until October 31st. Make sure that you are a registered voter. You can check your registration at IWillVote.com. But what you cannot do is sit this election out.”

“We need to fight, and our fight is our vote. So I’m really excited to actually be voting early,” said Cristina Diaz Torres, Manager of Product Design and Delivery at Education First Consulting. “My plan is to be there right at 8 am on Friday morning. And I’m going to be honored to cast my vote for Vice President Biden and for Democrats up and down the ballot. And I hope that you all will join me. But furthermore, more than joining me, I hope that you will text your family members, your cousins, your siblings, your tios, your tias, abuelos, abuelas, because it’s so important that our entire community show up. If we don’t show up then we are going to lose on all of the things that our community needs. And we know that when we vote we win. And it’s so important that we vote this year.”

“We need to go out and vote for Joe Biden,” said Jasmin Chavez, immigrants rights activist and Falls Church community leader. “A Biden Administration will prioritize comprehensive immigration reform that will finally give 11 million undocumented immigrants a pathway to citizenship … I want to ask all the people on this call to get involved. Register your community to vote, volunteer on campaigns, and show up to events. Your voice matters. Oftentimes as young people we tend to think that no one will listen to our voices, but people do … Please join me and please vote early. It is important. There is a lot at stake during this election and if you want to see any positive changes in our country we need to elect Biden. In order to vote you have to be a registered voter so make sure to go to register to vote by October 13th. It’s easy and very convenient. You can vote early this year either by mail or in-person and you can make a plan that fits your schedule.”


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