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Nick Freitas Is Living in an Alternative Universe

"Freitas conflated voter suppression with making voting easier"


From End Citizens United PAC:

Nick Freitas Is Living in an Alternative Universe

Freitas conflated voter suppression with making voting easier

Nick Freitas in a press call the day before the Newport News rally said that it was a form of voter suppression to make it easier to vote. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that this doesn’t make sense.

It’s not the first time Freitas has promoted a pro-corruption agenda. He’s railed against reform legislation and owes his political career to Republican mega donors who have bankrolled his campaign. Billionaire Richard Uihlein even went as far as giving Freitas half a million dollars so that he could buy his way onto the ballot and save his Virginia General Assembly seat. A dark money group, Club for Growth, launched an ad that was so astonishingly dishonest that even the fact check it cites says Abigail Spanberger hasn’t accepted corporate PAC money, and rated her pledge, “Mostly True,” saying, “We found no money that came directly from corporations.”

Congresswoman Abigail Spanberger won the battleground district of VA-07 in 2018 by running on an anti-corruption agenda. In Congress, Spanberger has followed through on her word. She led the charge to pass the largest reform bill in a generation that would crack down on corruption in both parties. Rep. Spanberger also voted for the Voting Rights Advancement Act to guarantee that all Virginians have access to the ballot.

“Nick Freitas is corrupt, plain and simple,” said End Citizens United President Tiffany Muller. “First he had Dick Uihlein buy his Virginia General Assembly seat. Then his mega donor friends spewed false lies to boost his flailing campaign. Now, he’s making up whacky accusations conflating voter suppression and making it easier to vote. Nick Freitas is living in an alternative universe to try to appeal to voters. It’s a swing and a miss.”


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