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Photos, Video, Tweets: Virginia Democrats Celebrate Labor Day 2020


See below for some photos, video and tweets by Virginia Democrats from Labor Day 2020 in the Commonwealth. Also, note that under the leadership of Virginia Democrats, working people are a lot better off, with laws passed in 2020 such as: “[to] protect workers who file complaints with the Department of Labor and Industry (DOLI) from retaliation and firing (SB 48 and HB 337); allow DOLI to investigate on behalf of all workers at a worksite and not just on behalf of the one complainant (SB 49 and HB 336); and create the ability for attorneys to represent workers wage theft claims in court (SB 838 and HB 123)” and “Probably the most important is that Virginia will raise the minimum wage, (SB 7) though the enactment has been delayed till May 2021 due to the pandemic.” Under Republican “leadership,” of course, none of this would have happened. So yes, elections matter…which means you should vote Democratic “blue” every chance you get! With that, check out what’s going on around Virginia on Labor Day 2020!


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