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Virginia House of Delegates Advances Key Police Reform, Equity and COVID-19 Priorities


From the VA House Democratic Caucus:

House of Delegates Advances Key Police Reform, Equity and COVID-19 Priorities

RICHMOND, VA – The House of Delegates today passed additional legislation further advancing its special session goals to improve transparency and accountability in policing and criminal justice, as well as provide Virginians with COVID-19 relief.

House bills passed today grant the Attorney General the ability to conduct pattern or practice investigations, extend work-sharing opportunities for workers facing layoffs, would end qualified immunity for law enforcement, and promote school participation in a federal breakfast and lunch program. The House also built on legislation passed during the 2020 Regular Session that grants localities control over war monuments. With these votes, the House has now passed more than 30 bills during the 2020 Special Session to make communities across the Commonwealth safer and more equitable and provide assistance to impacted Virginians.

“Today, the House of Delegates made significant strides in improving accountability and transparency throughout policing and our criminal justice system. These bills move our Commonwealth closer to realizing the promise that all Virginians are governed equally by the rule of law,” Speaker Eileen Filler-Corn said. “I am also proud that the House moved forward with vital legislation to protect Virginians’ jobs and strengthen food security for our next generation during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Bills passed in the House today…

Policing and Criminal Justice Reform

HB 5013 (Bourne)             Eliminating qualified immunity for law enforcement officers.

HB 5072 (Lopez)             Empowering the Attorney General to conduct “pattern or practice” investigations of police forces that appear to be violating constitutional rights, including unlawful discrimination.

COVID-19 Relief

HB 5087 (Tran)               Removing the sunset clause on short-term compensation program (work-sharing) to facilitate CARES Act funds.

HB 5113 (Roem)             Promoting local school board participation in the federal breakfast and lunch program, Community Eligibility Provision (CEP).

Making Virginia More Equitable

HB 5030 (McQuinn)      Allowing localities or local governments and communities greater latitude in the process of removing Confederate statues and other war monuments.


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