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Video: New Warner Campaign Ad Emphasizes Work to End Tragedy of Veteran Suicides


From Sen. Mark Warner’s campaign:

New Warner Campaign Ad Emphasizes Work to End Tragedy of Veteran Suicides

Watch “It Has To End”

ALEXANDRIA, VA – On Monday, October 5, Senator Mark Warner’s re-election campaign announced it has begun airing a new campaign ad, “It Has To End,” highlighting the tragedy of veteran suicides in the U.S. The latest ad is part of a seven-figure, eight-week statewide television buy.

The ad highlights Senator Warner’s bipartisan legislation, recently passed by the Senate and the House, to provide an additional $100 million dollars to nonprofit organizations working to connect veterans with their local VA hospitals and the supportive resources they deserve. As Warner’s legislation notes, over 60% of veterans who commit suicide have never had any interactions with the Veterans’ Administration.

“In a nation like ours where we owe so much to the servicemembers who’ve kept us safe, we owe them the mental health support that they need,” said Senator Warner.  “I’m really proud that this bill has now passed both houses of Congress and will soon become law.”

Senator Warner continues to emphasize the necessity for all Virginians to make their voices heard in this year’s election. Virginians can vote early in-person now through October 31. Voters can check their registration status, register to vote, and request an absentee ballot today. For more information visit: iwillvote.com.

Transcript of “It Has To End”

Warner: Seventeen veterans a day commit suicide. And that’s a tragedy that has to stop.

Mark Warner is leading the bipartisan fight to get veterans the mental health services they’ve earned.

Warner: My legislation provides over $100 million dollars for local nonprofits to help vets with mental health support when they come home.

I’m Mark Warner. I approve this message because veteran suicide is real, and it’s time to give them the help they’ve earned.


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