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Bob Good Continues to Campaign Maskless

"Good Routinely Disregards Public Health Guidelines and Needlessly Endangers Virginians"


From 314 Action Fund

Bob Good Continues to Campaign Maskless

Good Routinely Disregards Public Health Guidelines and Needlessly Endangers Virginians

Philadelphia — This weekend, Bob Good met with Pittsylvania County farmers on the campaign trail. In a post to social media, Good was shown without a mask, despite being both indoors and in close proximity to supporters.

At recent campaign events, Bob Good has similarly flouted public health recommendations by refusing to wear a mask or physically distance from other people. In some cases, he’s inside speaking to a small audience or greeting Virginians, even those who are older and more at risk of experiencing severe COVID-19 symptoms. In others, he’s outside, but close to supporters without wearing a mask.





This reckless disregard for public health guidelines has been a common theme throughout Good’s campaigning during the coronavirus pandemic. In August, Good posted a video with Congressman Louie Gohmert, who tested positive for COVID-19 at the end of July. At the end of the video, Gohmert makes a passing joke about his diagnosis and no longer being contagious while the two politicians, maskless, laugh.

It’s clear that Bob Good doesn’t respect public health experts and scientists enough to take their word on how to keep themselves and others safe. The least Good and his campaign can do is answer some important questions, which reporters are encouraged to ask him:

  1. This picture with Senator Mike Lee was posted on Thursday. Senator Lee was diagnosed COVID-19 on Friday. When was this picture taken?
  2. Why does Bob Good refuse to wear a mask around elderly Virginians?
  3. For how many campaign events has Bob Good worn a mask?
  4. Are there any scenarios during which Bob Good feels compelled to wear a mask? Does he have any photo evidence of any of these instances?
  5. Does Bob Good own a mask?

“By refusing to wear a mask, Bob Good is making clear that he can’t be bothered to concern himself with the health and safety of Virginians and is perfectly fine with contracting or spreading COVID-19, a virus that has killed nearly 210,000 Americans,” said John Sweeney, spokesperson for 314 Action Fund. “Good is not just endangering himself—he’s putting others and their communities at great risk of contracting and spreading COVID-19. Virginia’s fifth congressional district deserves a representative who believes in science and is mindful about the health of his constituents.”


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