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CNU Wason Center Poll of Richmond Mayoral Race: Stoney 36%-Gray 16%-Rodgers 15%-Griffin 3%-McLean 1%

"Stoney seems to be in a commanding position," although 30% still undecided...


Late last week, the Richmond Free Press posted a poll of the Richmond mayoral race, showing “37 percent of voters support Mayor Stoney and 33 percent support [2nd District City Councilwoman Kim B. Gray]. The others in the race trail far behind, with Ms. Rodgers supported by 13 percent, Mr. Griffin by 11 percent and Ms. McLean by 3 percent, the poll found.” Now, the RTD is up with a brand-new poll, by Christopher Newport University’s Wason Center for Public Policy, which finds a much bigger lead for Mayor Stoney, and with Alexsis Rodgers neck-and-neck with Kim Gray for second place.

  • “Incumbent Levar Stoney holds a wide lead in Richmond’s mayoral race, a new Richmond Times-Dispatch poll shows, but 30% of voters are undecided
  • Stoney leads his nearest opponents in the field of five candidates by 20 points citywide...Of 601 likely city voters surveyed between Sept. 22 and Oct. 5, 36% said they support Stoney; 16%, Gray; 15%, Rodgers; 3%, Justin Griffin; and 1%, Tracey Mclean.”
  • Stoney holds sizeable advantages in four of the nine voter districts: the 5th, 6th, 7th and 9th,” while “Four other districts are toss-ups.” Note that, as the Richmond Free Press explained, “To win election as Richmond mayor, a candidate must secure the most votes in five of the nine council districts, even if the winning total in each is less than 50.1 percent, according to the City Charter.”
  • Bottom line: “‘In the context of a five-way race, Stoney seems to be in a commanding position,’ said Quentin Kidd, dean of the College of Social Sciences at CNU.”



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