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Friday (10/9) Virginia Data on COVID-19 Finds +1,114 Confirmed/Probable Cases (to 156,649), +54 Hospitalizations (to 11,447), +16 Deaths (to 3,344) From Yesterday

VDH explains the huge increase in case numbers yesterday...


See below for graphics of the newly posted COVID-19 numbers by the Virginia Department of Health and the Virginia Hospital & Healthcare Association. So, at this point (10/9), in Virginia we’re at 156,649 total reported – confirmed plus probable – cases (note that actual cases, as well as deaths, could be higher, maybe even a LOT higher, based on stories like this one in the NY Times), 11,447 hospitalizations and 3,344 deaths from COVID-19. The number of reported cases went up 1,114 (+0.7%) in the latest statistics, which is a slower rate of increase than the day before, when reported cases were up 1,844 (+1.2%). [NOTE by VDH: “The case count reported on Thursday, October 8, includes 689 cases that should have been reported on Wednesday, October 7, but were not because of a surveillance system reporting issue.  A reminder: cases are not reported on the day the patient became ill, but on the day they have been classified as meeting the case definition for COVID-19.  In order to observe the spread of illness most effectively, please review the  charts that show cases by date of symptom onset.”] The number of TOTAL test results was 2,390,394 (up 44,154 from yesterday…a huge increase for whatever reason); note that, according to researchers at Harvard, we need 22,422 test results/day for mitigation, 81,741/day for suppression). As for hospitalizations, they went up 54 (+0.5%), which is a slightly faster rate of increase than the day before, when hospitalizations were up 48 (+0.4%).  Deaths are reported +25, compared to +12 the previous day.


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