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Key Points from This Morning’s Virginia Legislative Presentation, “Key Considerations for Marijuana Legalization” [UPDATED: Gov. Northam Announces Support]


UPDATE Monday afternoon:

Click here for video and see below for some live tweets by VAPLAN (great work, Cindy; thanks!) of this morning’s JLARC (Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission) presentation on their report, “Key Considerations for Marijuana Legalization” in Virginia. As VAPLAN tweets, the report contains “all the recommendations from JLARC regarding how Virginia could legalize marijuana, create regulated and taxed marijuana markets, with an eye to social equity.” Also interesting:

  • “Projected timeline post-legislation to establish Virginia marijuana market ($8-20 million upfront costs)”
  • “A legalized commercial market could generate substantial revenue for state and local governments, once the market matures. Depending on demand and the tax rate selected, commercial marijuana could produce $31–$62 million during the first full year of sales, depending on the state’s chosen tax rate (figure). By the fifth year of sales, commercial marijuana could produce $154–$308 million in tax revenue.”
  • “JLARC says there are potential health risks, but they are generally milder than those associated with alcohol and tobacco use. No convincing evidence of marijuana being a ‘gateway’ to more serious drug use (some studies even suggest the opposite).”
  • “Under decriminalization and legalization, arrests and convictions would be dramatically reduced, based on results from other states….Black Virginians have been arrested at much higher rates, 6/1000 residents vs 2/1000 among white Virginians. Similarly, Black Virginians are more likely to be convicted. This, despite equal rates of using marijuana. Latino Virginians also seem to have higher arrest rates.”



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