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After Signing Amicus Brief in Support of Seditionist TX Lawsuit, Rep. Rob Wittman (R-VA01) Gets Ripped on His FB Page For Laughably Claiming He “Defended Our Constitution”

"You...are complicit in the undermining of our democratic process"


Either Rep. Rob Wittman (R-VA01) is utterly clueless, or he knows that he’s lying, or…any other explanations for this drooling idiocy? That’s right, Wittman actually is arguing that his decision to sign on to an amicus brief in support of the “absurd,” “craziest,” “seditious” Texas lawsuit aimed at overturning the 2020 presidential election amounts to him having…wait for it… “defended our Constitution.” Check out some of the comments in response to Wittman’s latest on his Facebook page.

  • “Why do you believe that one state has the right to sue another state for how it administers its election laws? Separate question- why are you amplifying unfounded concerns about election fraud for which no proof has been provided able to stand up in several law suits already dismissed before you signed the amicus brief?”
  • “Interesting justification. It did leave out the millions of people whose votes would have been discarded, but disenfranchisement doesn’t seem to bother you. I suspect none of this would have bothered you if Trump had won in the end. So, in language you should understand, man up and own your position. You signed the brief. That was your action, and it speaks more loudly than any double-speaking politicians attempt to explain away now.”
  • “Nope, sorry. As long as you support this futile dog and pony show on January 6th, you are not worthy of being an elected official, and you certainly do not represent many of your constituents.”
  • “You should resign in disgrace. What a undignified and cowardly tantrum you’re throwing.”
  • “You also have the responsibility of defending the constitution against all enemies foreign AND domestic – even when you don’t like the outcome. Enabling conspiracy theorists and nationalists do not make you a patriot – it makes you a seditionist. Shame on you Congressman. Shame on you. I have often questioned the credibility and wisdom of anyone who could support a con man such as Trump, but I have never questioned the electoral process that put him in office. You, and the others signing onto that brief, have enabled Trump and are complicit in the undermining of our democratic process.”
  • “Do you intend to stand up for the constitution on Jan 6th? Will you vote to not accept the electoral college results?”

By the way, it’s interesting that in his explanation for his inexcusable action, Wittman laughably argues: “I don’t support anything except the constitutionally grounded methods to question the system. I don’t support anything other than an orderly transition of power – that said, we cannot be afraid of asking the tough questions.” Just remember, as you read this drivel, that VA01 voters *could have* elected a man – Qasim Rashid – who is *infinitely* smarter than Wittman. But nooooo…


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