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VA05 Voters Could Have Elected Dr. Cameron Webb, Who Just Got His COVID-19 Vaccine Today; Instead, 52.4% Went with the COVID-Denying Nutjob/Extremist


On November 3, 2020, VA05 voters could have chosen *this* guy (see his tweet, below), the incredibly impressive Dr. Cameron Webb (D), who has heroically worked the “frontlines” for 281 days, and who just got his COVID-19 vaccine today. Instead, VA05 voted for COVID-19 denier Bob Good (R), an all-around nutjob and extremist (see his lunacy, below) by 5 percentage points (52.4%-47.3%). I mean…it just leaves you speechless, really, how 52.4% of people can be that wrong, but here we are, sad to say. For the record, Dr. Webb would have made an *infinitely* – and I’m not exaggerating – better Congressman than Good will, and that’s *not* a backhanded compliment to Dr. Webb either. But yeah, Good’s going to be one of the greatest embarrassments in Virginia history.

But instead they elected *this* guy:



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