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Video: “Amanda Chase just spent ten minutes on the floor of the Senate…spewing…conspiracy theories…Not a single Republican stood up to say she was wrong”


See below for tweets about what went down a bit earlier this afternoon in the Virginia State Senate, as well as video. Basically, Sen. Amanda Chase (R) got up and spewed out the usual big lies and crazed conspiracy theories that she and Trump have been spewing for months now. I wouldn’t recommend watching that at all, unless you have a masochistic streak. After that, several Democratic state senators – Adam Ebbin, Barbara Favola and Dick Saslaw – pushed back, calling out the lies and conspiracy theories, while Senate Minority Leader Tommy Norment (R) railed against using “points of personal privilege” for “prostitution” of one’s own political campaigns, etc.

Note, however, that not a single Republican senator stood up to actually push back against the lies and conspiracy theories spewed out by Chase. Silence means…what exactly? That they agree with the lies and conspiracy theories? That they’re too afraid to call them out? Other? In the end, do VA Senate Republicans want to be the party of lies and conspiracy theories, aka a complete joke, or do they want to be a serious conservative political party? The choice is theirs, and sadly, so far they’re opting for the “complete joke” option.


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