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Video: Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D-VA07) – “My message to my Republican colleagues is simple — stand up for our Constitution.”

"Say publicly that you know President Trump is unfit to serve."


Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D-VA07) was on CNN yesterday afternoon. According to Spanberger:

  • “The frantic and focused efforts of those police officers trying to ensure that everyone uh got out of there okay is is the the the most compelling memory that I have of that of that afternoon”
  • “…on the 6th, what we saw were our fellow Americans -displeased with the results of an election, spun up by conspiracy theories, lied to by people who grift… and benefit frankly from these lies, including the president, the commander-in-chief – we saw those fellow Americans attack the United States Capitol, attack the heart of our democracy on a day when we were holding a joint session of Congress, resulting in the death of a Capitol police officer and an air national guard veteran, along with four other individuals. While I’ve always known that there were some security challenges and potentially the Capitol could be a target, the idea that it would be a target of seditionist insurrectionist terrorist fellow Americans is is the part that is most shocking and deeply, deeply heartbreaking to me.”
  • “i think what’s truly sad here is the reason impeachment is even up for discussion is because we do not see, frankly, my Republican colleagues stepping forward either quietly and privately or publicly. And there are some exceptions urging the President to resign. Nixon was never impeached, and he was never impeached because principled Republicans who recognized what he had done wrong put the good of the country first and wanted to ensure that that man did not stay in the presidency. They urged him to resign and he did. And so right now, we are only talking about impeachment because Republicans in the House of Representatives and the United States Senate, Republicans who know that he is unfit to serve are not in groups, are not in mass, calling on this president to resign, either publicly or privately; calling on the vice president either publicly or privately to invoke the 25th amendment. And we must pursue any option necessary to protect our democracy. It is most regretful to me that it is not happening through the resignation of an unfit president who would provoke an insurrectionist attack. But if it is not through his resignation, if it is not through the 25th amendment, then I do believe that we are left no choice but to file articles of impeachment and very quickly.”

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