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Prince William County School Board Chair Babur Lateef Announces “Historic” Pick of New Superintendent, LaTanya McDade

McDade currently serves as the Chief Education Officer at Chicago Public Schools; she will replace Steven Walts, who has served as Superintendent since 2005


Check out the following press release from the Prince William County School Board Chair, Babur Lateef, who describes this as “historic” news:

Dr. Babur Lateef’s Statement on the PWCS Superintendent Search

The Prince William County School Board began its superintendent search soon after Dr. Walts announced his retirement early last fall. We all know that filling his shoes will be a tremendous challenge for anyone, and we are eternally grateful for his leadership over the last 16 years.

He and his predecessor, Dr. Kelly, have built a tremendous school division with incredible teachers, staff, and administrators.

We will certainly have more time to fully recognize Dr. Walts’ incredible achievements over the next few months.

Working with our search firm BWP & Associates, led by Dr. Wayne Harris and Dr. Kevin Castner, the School Board conducted numerous constituent townhalls and surveyed our community to create a unique profile which identified the qualities and characteristics the community would like to see in the next superintendent.

Our search produced over 45 applicants from 16 states, diverse in every way, and representing educational leaders from the very top levels in education.

We should all be proud of the reputation of our school division which attracted the many highly qualified candidates who applied to be its next leader.

One candidate, LaTanya McDade, emerged from this terrific pool as possessing the best qualities, skills, and expertise which matched the superintendent profile that YOU ALL helped create.

LaTanya McDade currently serves as the Chief Education Officer at Chicago Public Schools, where she oversees all academic offices, supporting over 340,000 students across 638 schools, while managing a $3.4 billion budget.

She is responsible for improving and supporting all aspects of teaching and learning, to include the development of curriculum and instructional policy for the District and the provision of guidance for the District’s schools and administrators.

Under her leadership, CPS increased academic achievement; expanded academic programming, such as AP, World and Dual Language; implemented the largest IB (International Baccalaureate) network in the nation; increased graduation rates; increased college enrollment and persistence; and reached record low drop-out, suspension, and expulsion rates while always ensuring equity and access to high-quality educational opportunities.

Ms. McDade will complete her Doctorate in Educational Leadership and Supervision from Lewis University this spring. She holds a Master’s Degree in Leadership and Administration from Loyola University, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education from Chicago State University.

In summary, “We believe LaTanya McDade will be a strong leader dedicated to our academic and extracurricular mission. The Board was impressed with her record of committed collaboration, transparent communication, and sense of accountability. Her extensive experience at all levels of education and her commitment to equity and opportunity for all students provide the foundation for boldly leading our school division into this decade and beyond.”

LaTanya McDade will be the first African-American and woman to assume the role of superintendent in the School Division’s history. She is also the daughter of immigrants and understands our community well.

While no one should miss the historic nature of this appointment, it is absolutely critical to realize that it is the content of Ms. McDade’s character and the strength of her leadership that has driven her success, and our decision through this process.

This board has enjoyed getting to know her and we know you all will as well. You will learn about her lovely family who are in attendance tonight and you will learn that she is an avid runner who participates in marathons.

My final point is to tell you about a request Ms. McDade made regarding her official title as referenced in her contract. The superintendent is usually known as the Chief Executive Officer of the school division. She asked that we refer to her as CEO and Chief Educational Officer. That, folks, left the board reassured that there is no doubt about Ms. McDade’s priorities.


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