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Video: 2018 VA GOP U.S. Senate Nominee Corey Stewart Rips Pete Snyder As “Anti-Trumper”; Tells Virginia Trump Supporters to Vote For Anybody BUT Snyder

Says Snyder is a "RINO" like Mitch McConnell, who gives in to pressure from the "woke mob"


See below for video of our old pal, neo-Confederate Corey Stewart – the 2019 VA GOP nominee for U.S. Senate, former Chairman of the Prince William County Board of Supervisors, and (for a few weeks) Trump administration official (in the US Commerce Department). Anyway, clearly hardline Trumpster and neo-Confederate Corey is not a fan of 2021 VA GOP candidate Pete Snyder. Among other things, Stewart says the following about Snyder to his 180,000+ followers on Facebook:

  • “Pete Snyder is an anti-Trumper” and he’s “outright lying to you when he says that he supports Trump – HE DOES NOT!” But “he thinks you probably don’t care” that he’s an “anti-Trumper.”
  • By calling Trump a “racist” and a “bigot,” Snyder “was calling you the same thing, essentially.”
  • Snyder has “never recanted those remarks,” which “means he really thinks the same thing as he did then.”
  • So, “vote for anybody you want obviously, but DON’T vote for Snyder if you support President Trump, if you support the Trump movement.”
  • “After I did my video yesterday about why NOT to support Pete Snyder since he called Trump a racist jerk on national television and has been pretending to be a Trump supporter…it’s just a lie.”
  • “Pete says he’s going to fight for President Trump’s agenda. Oh really, Pete? Isn’t President Trump the guy that you called on national television a racist jerk? Isn’t President Trump the guy who you attacked very viciously and ruthlessly and unfairly at the 2015 Republican ‘advance’ in Virginia…and you never recanted those remarks? And that’s the same guy that you’re pretending to be a supporter…”
  • “Folks, there are two reasons not to vote for Pete…#1, he’s an anti-Trumper, he’s a never-Trumper, and we have to root these people out of our party. We have to not only not nominate people like Pete who are anti-Trump, but we have to make sure that anybody who’s still left in office [who is anti-Trump]…need to contest them…and get rid of them.”
  • “What Pete has done here is lie to everybody who has received this card.”
  • “It’s a lie [that Snyder supports Trump]. It’s a lie. And if he’s willing to lie about that, what else is he lying about? What else can you trust?”
  • The “anonymous fliers that you’ve been getting attacking the other candidates for governor” are coming from Pete Snyder and “it’s cowardly.”
  • “Kudos and appreciation to the [RPV]…for…meeting and changing the nomination process from the one that Pete wanted, which would have required everybody in the state to go down to Lynchburg and drop a ballot in a box.”
  • Trump supporters are in the process of “taking over the Republican Party” from “so-called Republicans like Pete Snyder who just give in to all the pressure from the ‘woke’ mob, these RINOs…the Mitch McConnells of the world.” We want to make sure that the Pete Snyders and Mitch McConnells of the world are not in control, “but Republicans like you and me, in other words people who support President Trump and the Trump movement.”


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