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Five Questions Jen Kiggans (R) Must Answer As She Launches House Bid Against Rep. Elaine Luria (D) In VA02

There's zero chance Kiggans will have good answers...


See below for five good questions from the DCCC for State Sen. Jennifer Kiggans (R), who looks like she’ll be running for U.S. House of Representatives against Rep. Elaine Luria (D-VA02). So how would she answer the questions?

  • 1) She might not admit it, but yes, she would have voted against the COVID-19 relief package.
  • 2) There’s really no good answer to this question, so expect a “word salad” from Kiggans.
  • 3) This one is VERY telling, but again, there’s no good answer.
  • 4) Again, there’s no good answer to this one, so expect b.s.
  • 5) Good luck with this one, as Kiggans is part of a party which widely refuses to support democracy, acknowledge the result of a free-and-fair presidential election, etc.

5 Questions Jen Kiggans Must Answer As She Launches House Bid

Far right state senator Jen Kiggans just announced her run for Virginia’s second district. While Kiggans will likely try to rewrite her record of standing in lockstep with her party, the facts tell a different story.

Kiggans would be a rubber stamp for Kevin McCarthy and the extreme House Republican Caucus, which has shown it will leave hard-working families in Virginia’s second district behind.

Here are five questions Kiggans must answer:

  1. Would Kiggans have voted with every DC Republican *against* economic relief, putting $1,400 in over 7 million Virginians’ pockets, accelerating vaccinations, putting children safely back in school, and over $5.7 million in relief for Virginia’s second district?
  2. Why did Kiggans try to undermine executive orders to keep Virginians safe during an unprecedented public health crisis?
  3. Why did Kiggans abstain from voting on a bipartisan resolution to censure extremist Virginia state senator Amanda Chase known for her “loose grip on the truth” including calling the insurrectionist mob that attacked the Capitol “patriots”?
  4. Why did Kiggans support and campaign with disgraced former Virginia Congressman Scott Taylor who is under investigation for election fraud?
  5. Is Kiggans willing to admit Joe Biden won the 2020 Presidential election?

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