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Video: On CNN, Gov. Northam Stresses, “As many states move to limit access to the ballot box, we’re expanding it.”

"To the companies who want to take a real stand against voter suppression—we'd love to welcome you to Virginia."


Good stuff from Gov. Northam and, of course, the Democratic-controlled Virginia General Assembly, which has moved aggressively and appropriately to *expand* people’s access to the ballot box. That, of course, is in *stark* contrast to Republican-controlled states, and to most of Virginia’s Republican statewide candidates, who have gone all-in on Trump’s Big Lie regarding supposed voting “irregularities”/”fraud”/blah blah, and also on suppressing people’s – particularly people of color’s – right to vote. Yet again, there is a massive difference between Democrats and Republicans, just in case anyone ever claims otherwise…



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