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VIDEO: Why Are Virginia Republicans Hiding From a Debate?


From the Democratic Party of Virginia:

VIDEO: Why Are Virginia Republicans Hiding From a Debate?

Richmond, VA — Today, the Democratic Party of Virginia released a video highlighting the fact that Virginia Republicans are still refusing to hold even a single debate with just one month until their convention. Watch the full video here.

While the Republican candidates fight to take the most extreme positions possible in this race to the right — the Republican Party of Virginia is failing to host even a single debate. That failure hasn’t gone unnoticed…

  • The Washington Post: Republicans have not yet scheduled a televised debate.
  • VPM News: Republicans do not currently have any debates scheduled ahead of a May 8 convention.
  • Richmond Times-Dispatch: The Republican candidates, who will face off in a May 8 convention, have participated in forums held by private groups, but the Republican Party of Virginia has not scheduled any debates.
  • Virginia Mercury: The Republican candidates, facing off in a party-run convention May 8, have not scheduled any televised debates.
  • Virginia Scope: Republican candidates will not be having a debate ahead of their May 8 nominating convention.
  • Larry Sabato: “Happy to RT a list of debates and forums upcoming for GOP candidates for #VAGov…Does anyone have such a list?”

“Virginia Republicans are running a scorched earth primary defined by brutal attacks and extreme, dangerous views — and they owe it to Virginians to get on stage and answer difficult questions about these unpopular positions,” said Manuel Bonder, DPVA spokesman. “The Virginia GOP failing to host even a single debate is a testament to the fact that they know their views are far too extreme for Virginia. All of the Republican candidates need to stop hiding and immediately call for a robust schedule of GOP debates before their chaotic convention.”

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