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Video: Fairfax Dems’ House of Delegates Candidates Forum

HD34 (Jennifer Adeli and Del. Kathleen Murphy); HD36 (Mary Barthelson and Del. Ken Plum); HD38 (Holly Hazard and Del. Kaye Kory); HD45 (Elizabeth Bennett-Parker and Del. Mark Levine); HD49 (Karishma Mehta and Del. Alfonso Lopez); HD86 (Del. Ibraheem Samirah)


See below for video of tonight’s Fairfax County Democratic Committee candidates forum for all six Fairfax County House of Delegates districts that have a primary on June 8th.. Participants included:

HD34: Jennifer Adeli and Del. Kathleen Murphy
HD36: Mary Barthelson and Del. Ken Plum
HD38: Holly Hazard and Del. Kaye Kory
HD45: Elizabeth Bennett-Parker and Del. Mark Levine
HD49: Karishma Mehta and Del. Alfonso Lopez
HD86: Del. Ibraheem Samirah (note: Irene Shin did not attend the forum)

P.S. Excellent job by the Fairfax Democrats in organizing this, and by Shyamali Hauth in moderating it!


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